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Kingston mall provides our users with numerous free services, some of these service(s) may require the user(s) to input information. Depending on the service some personal information may be required. For example, using our classifieds service may require contact information to list your classifieds online.   Rest assured that all sensitive information will not sold, traded or loaned to another party or service(check our privacy policy for full details).

Kingston Business Directory

Kingston Mall  Business directory contains a list of businesses currently operating in  the Greater Kingston, Ontario region and surrounding areas.  Within our business directory, users are able to browse Kingston Businesses by the type of business they are looking for or search to find a business by name.

Kingston Classifieds

Kingston Classifieds contains a list of User inputted Classifieds for the Greater Kingston, Ontario region and surrounding areas.  All content and images remain the property of the owner(s).  Kingston Mall will not change or alter any content in anyway, but reserves the right to remove any inappropriate classifieds or spam listed. At Kingston Classifieds, we will not display any sensitive information regarding our "Classifieds" customers, but will provide a way for interested viewers to contact the sellers.

Kingston Events

Kingston Events, like our Kingston Classifieds, contains a list of user inputted events for the Greater Kingston, Ontario region and it's surrounding areas.

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